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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Linder Campaign Ad

John Linder, candidate in the 9th state senate district, has a new campaign ad. You can view it on his website,

Monday, October 20, 2008

Linder / Pileggi Debate Monday

Mark you calendars: John Linder - Dominic Pileggi Debate: Monday, October 20th - 7:30-9pm. Riddle Village Retirement Community. 1048 W. Baltimore Pike. Media, PA 19063.

I would like to attend but the schedule is not looking good. If any readers go please email or leave a comment and let us know how it went.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Meeting the Candidates in Radnor

This afternoon I went to the Radnor Democrats (Delaware County) “Meet the Candidates” picnic. The Radnor Dems know how to put on a good show. The people were nice and there was a box of cookies on each table. At the end of the event Bruce Bikin, boss D, said there were guards at the exits and no one would be allowed to leave until all the hotdogs were eaten. Smart man, and clearly a veteran of group picnics.

A number of candidates did come out to meet the residents of Radnor. First up is a quick look at what they had to say, followed by some personal observations. Bikin and John Fisher, township commissioner for Ward 7 and one of two Democrats on the township board, introduced the speakers. Each candidate spoke for just a few minutes and my notes are sketchy, just jotting down a few things each said. Quite a few spoke on how important it is to make sure Barack Obama wins the presidency. Please refer to their websites for more information on their biographies and stands on the issues.

John Morganelli, candidate Pennsylvania Attorney General
He wants to be the first Democratic Attorney General since the position was made elective 28 years ago. To date all elected AG’s have been Republicans.
He went over his record (see his website for details). His agenda is to protect our communities. One particular change he would like to see is the mandatory reporting of lost or stolen handguns.

Rob McCord, candidate Pennsylvania State Treasurer
Thanks those working on campaigns
Pennsylvania invests $120 billion a year
Raised by a single mom, a teacher, then worked on Capitol Hill in budget and regulatory matters before becoming a financial executive
Hold our opponents accountable, [examples on the presidential race, mostly economic policy]
Hold him accountable
Hold yourself accountable, every time you gripe about something in politics, volunteer another hour, watch the grip vs work ratio

Daylin Leach, currently state representative in 149th district, candidate for 17th state senate district
Thank Radnor for the welcome
The newspaper said he was the most progressive member of the State House
Vote Obama, mentions that the next president will likely nominate one or more new Supreme Court justices. He says we want to avoid justices who follow the “Constitution in Exile” theory.

Joe Sestak, Congressman for the 7th district, running for re-election
His team is making over 1200 phone calls per day.
He emphasized the need to elect Sen. Obama as our next president.
He mentioned that his opponent, W. Craig Williams, grew up in Alaska and that Williams’ brother is Sarah Palin’s speechwriter.

Greg Vitali, state representative for the 166th state house district, running for re-election
Palin is an example of McCain’s poor political judgment
Keep the focus on McCain

Bryan Lentz, state representative for the 161st state house district, running for re-election
In 2010 the state house will redraw congressional and state districts in response to the 2010 census.
We need to keep and increase the Democratic majority in the state house.

Tom Quinn, candidate for the 165th state house district
He is a teacher and has an outsider’s perspective on government
We need politics where people vote for someone instead of against someone.
Harrisburg needs change.
Obama talks about hope but also about justice.

Personal observations:
The Radnor folks are very welcoming. The food was good and the water was cold. As for the candidates, it was the first time I had seen many of them in person, or watched them interacting with the public.

Morganelli is low-key and personable. People seemed to find him easy to talk with.

McCord is focused and very smart. I imagine he keeps track of money very well and in great detail.

Bryan Lentz seemed to be in great demand as he was always in a discussion with one or more people there. Several people sought him out.

Greg Vitali, long one of my favorite state representatives, was also very at home with the crowd and also frequently sought out by residents.

Tom Quinn is very comfortable with people and they seem very comfortable with him.

Congressman Sestak was trying to visit with a number of constituent groups today and was in and out rather quickly though I did see him talking with a few people.

Daylin Leach mentioned that he would be debating W. Craig Williams, who is running against Joe Sestak, over which presidential candidate would be better for the Jewish community.

[h/t and thanks to the gentleman who made sure I knew about this event and sent me directions; they were excellent]

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tom Quinn Kicks Off Campaign

Tom Quinn, Democratic candidate for the 165th house district, held a fundraiser this week that brought out State Reps. Greg Vitali, Bryan Lentz, and Daylin Leach. That's a good way to start off.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What is a County Controller?

Every four years those of us in the suburbs vote for county row offices and, by and large, we have no idea what these offices are or what the people in them do. In an effort to understand these offices myself, and also to present that information to interested readers, I will be looking at selected county row offices, how they are described in Bucks, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties, who holds those offices and if they are up for re-election this year.

Let's start with the county controller. Before looking at the job description, let me add that the county controller in all three counties has another job elsewhere, so it is likely that the controller's position is considered part-time.

In Bucks County, we find this general description on the county's website:

An elected row officer, the controller is the chief financial officer and chief auditor. He exercises general supervision and control over the county's financial affairs. He is authorized to examine the accounts and official acts of all officers or other persons who collect, receive, or disperse the county's money. The controller sits on the retirement board, salary board and prison oversight board. He is the final, independent check on the fiscal activities of the executive and legislative branches of county government as well as the independently elected officers and courts.

The Bucks County controller's office has a fuller description.

Delaware County's controller description is lengthy and detailed. If the topic interests you, please read through it. It includes a broad description, "responsible for overseeing and controlling the expenditure of county funds, ..." and goes into detail, including maintaining travel expense reimbursement records, develop and maintain time and leave reports for all employees, operate and maintain a central payroll system, conduct audits, timely payment of bills, encumbering of funds, retirement board duties, and petty cash funds. It is, of the three counties, the most specific.

Montgomery County's controller has, perhaps, the most general job description. In it's entirety it reads:

The Controller has general supervision over all fiscal affairs of the County and of the accounts of all officers collecting or disbursing County Funds. This includes maintaining payroll records of all Country employees and approving the payment of all invoices charged against the County, except those fees of jurors, witnesses, court criers and tipstaves. Complete records are maintained by the Controller's office detailing all fiscal operations of the County. In addition, the Controller conducts independent audits of County departments, Row Offices, tax collectors and hotels which generate fees and interest monies to the County government. The office maintains all accounting records for the Employees Retirement Fund and acts as a liaison between the County and the investment advisors for the Retirement Fund investment portfolio. The Controller is a member of the Salary Board, Depository Board, Investments Board and is Secretary of Employees' Retirement Board.

To me that sounds like a full-time job, but what do I know.

Currently, the controllers for all three counties are Republicans. Bucks County Controller Raymond F. McHugh is an attorney. Delaware County controller Cynthia Felzer Leitzell is a certified public accountant. Montgomery County controller Eric Kretschman (I could not find a bio on the county website so the link on his name goes to the county GOP bio) is a partner and vice president of acquisitions at a real estate and acquisitions firm. His educational background is in political science.

Only Montgomery County's Eric Kretschman is up for re-election this year.